Hey All!

So, there will be a huge gap on this blog this summer since I will be out of the country for a portion of it. I’m hoping to have a lot of images to share afterward though.

But what I really wanted to do on this post was ask you guys for some help.

I have been trying to raise support with little success. There have been such generous donations so far, multiple donations by the same person in some cases, but I’m far from my goal. I was supposed to have $5,500 by April 1. Here it’s the end of the month and I am sitting at just a little over $1,000.

All I’m asking is for a couple dollars from each of you. It’s so much better than nothing. It’s even easy to donate. This is the link. You click on my name ‘Sydney Rogers’ and send in money. It’s so easy.

I’ve given up asking on Facebook because there has be a small response (thank you to those who have responded). I’ve asked on Tumblr once, and this will also go on Tumblr.

Pass this around. Let it be known. I need to raise money to go this summer and if I can’t do that, I miss out on a great experience for the future career I will probably have in journalism. Plus, it’s my first ever mission trip. I’ve been jumping the fence if I wanted to go through with it, but now I’m in too far to back out despite feeling that God is saying this summer isn’t a good time to do this yet. I’ve prayed a little about it, but it’s gonna take a lot more.

Please, if you can, give and help a gal out. I’d appreciate it so much and would love to thank you with a free bracelet I will make from sewing floss.

Thank you guys for everything.



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