Dream Locations: Ireland

All these photos were found through a Google image search.

So, admit it, you’ve seen the movie Leap Year with Amy Adams and that gentleman with a wonderful Irish accent. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, not because of the story, but for the landscapes in the film.

There are so many cliffs, hills, mountains, and it’s so green. It’s gorgeous! To take photos there would blow my mind.


See? So green. And there is so much farmland. It’s truly wonderful. Snagging shots with sheep or cows would really pull some of the images together (don’t mind my plans for images to take if I get to Ireland).

Ireland landscape wallpaper

This reminds me of the scene in Pride and Prejudice, when Elizabeth Bennett stands out and looks at the ocean before her. I can’t imagine being so close to a cliff like this town here. It looks so secluded and tiny in comparison to the land around it.


Since there are so many cliffs, it makes since that there are lighthouses. But to capture one with the waves swirling around the rocks, the clouds rolling by… I’d have to take a moment to really see the image before me. Wow.



4 thoughts on “Dream Locations: Ireland

  1. A trip to Ireland has always been at the top of my “Bucket List.” I just find myself so at awe of the beauty that is the Irish country side. Everything seems so much more peaceful there to me haha.

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  2. I am originally from Gatlinburg, and my family has roots of Scottish and Irish heritage. My anccestors supposedly settled in Sevier County supposedly because of the striking resemblence the Great Smoky Mountains has to the rolling hills of Ireland. I would love to go see the motherland some time! Great pictures.

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