Dream Locations: Italy

Before I get started, all of the images I have for this post and the other Dream Locations posts are from a Google image search. None of the images are my own (or I wouldn’t be talking about my dream photography locations).

Italy. It is the land of wine and pasta. But it is also country of gorgeous landscapes and architecture.

I have been dreaming of Italy since I played the PC version of Assassin’s Creed II (I love the game so much I have the AC symbol tattooed on my wrist).


The buildings are unique and pretty accurate to what the buildings look like today (aside from the more modern amenities in the old cities). I’ve virtually jumped from building to building. I’ve leapt into bales of hay (and should have died, but it’s a game). Italy was my dream trip.


Back to the real world: I love the Colosseum. The history behind it is interesting and the fact that it still stands is incredible. I have so many photography ideas like taking a shot similar to this one, getting a shot of the sky with part of the Colosseum in the corner, and a high view of the ruins in the center of the Colosseum. Those are just a few of the ideas. I’d need days for this one structure.


I would love to go to Venice before it sinks more into the water because the buildings are adorable. I love the archways on the windows and even the bridge is gorgeous. Plus, using the water to reflect light (like this image) can create a dramatic photo to hang on the wall.

Of all places to go, my heart longs for Italy and to capture the beauty of the cities there. Of course I’d look for landscape shots, but the architecture has my heart when it comes to Italy.



3 thoughts on “Dream Locations: Italy

  1. I would love to go visit the colosseum, it has always been a dream of mine! One of the main reason I play Assassin’s Creed is for the accuracy of the architecture! People who have an interest in history should definitely go out and buy one of the games.

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  2. Yasssss to Italy! I love the architecture and of course the food. Romance languages are my guilty pleasures too, so Italy is definitely one of the places I would like to visit and make wonderful memories.

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