Dream Locations: New Zealand

So the semester is coming to an end and life is stressful with a wedding and a mission trip coming up in my life. In result to that, I’m going to share some places I would love to travel to and photograph. This post, I’m going to focus on New Zealand.

Since the popular fantasy film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, I have been in love with the landscape of the island country. To know that the locations in the series are real still blows my mind. And I am beyond excited that they built a real Hobbiton. It’s beautiful!

I absolutely adore the hobbit holes and there are so many creative photo opportunities with them and the landscape!

Even going to the volcano that posed as Mount Doom in the trilogy is gorgeous! Look at that! To get the chance to go and take these kinds of photos would be a one-of-a-kind experience!

Ugh, I can’t take the photogenic landscape. I’d expect to be out there for days and fill up every one of my memory cards. And I feel for landscape photographers, New Zealand is a perfect first step!

What do you think about New Zealand? Where are your dream locations?



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