My Favorite Photography Apps

So I keep showing you guys all of these images that I take or some information on different camera lenses and such, but now it’s time to show you guys some of my favorite photo editing apps that anyone can get right on their phone!

1. Instagram


If any of you have started to follow my Instagram, you know that I post a lot. Some days I have one post, other days I have three or four. Back when it first started up (I’m pretty sure I had just graduated high school), I used it a bit, but didn’t like too much. Then it updated a few times and I got back into it.

I love how, now, I can have most of the photo cropped in and then do a plethora of things with it! I can change the contrast, brightness, and even choose how strong I want a filter to show up on the image.

For a place to post images, I feel like Instagram is a great starting point.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.00.51 PM.png
First, if you haven’t tried Crystal Pepsi, you should because it is the same great taste of Pepsi without the dyes. Second, this is the Nashville filter (one of my faves).

2. Snapseed


I’ve only used this app a few times and it does about the same as any other photo editing application. I liked it, though, because it’s so easy to work.

It has a lot of basic features like brightness or highlights and shadows, but it also had a few added features like drama or HDR Scape (it pretty much copies the effect that the HDR mode does on phones – multiple photos combined into one).

It takes a little getting used to after using more basic editing apps, but it’s a good transition into something a little more intense, like Photoshop!

This is a storm blowing in taken on my phone in panorama mode. I used HDR Scape (nature) as well has Drama which I toned down a lot.



This is an app that I’m still trying to work out. It’s nice to have so many different filters that act as if you took the photo as it appears.

Some of the filters available aren’t some of my favorite (I don’t like to filter up my images very often), but it’s a great way to play around with what you like. You can see how different filters can alter the “lighting”

I put that in quotations because they only alter the lighting in your original image. You can’t change the lighting that you captured after it’s captured. You can brighten and darken and create the illusion of changing it, but it’s the same.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.03.10 PM
You’ve seen this wonderful leopard before, but I added a filter that I wish I could remember what it was.

4. Adobe Spark


Unfortunately, I don’t have an Apple product to really use the applications for Adobe Spark (there are three different ones), but I have played around with the program. It’s beyond easy to work with.

With images (because there is a lot more you can do on Spark), you can pick a filter and even add text to it. You can alter pretty much everything on it. It’s really cool and you have to play around with it to see how easy it is.

Adobe Spark
I don’t know what filter I used, but it’s similar to sepia. The text is actually from an anime called Cowboy Bebop (it’s great, so watch it).

Let me know if there are some photo apps that you prefer to use! I’d love to try them out!



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