So on the 20 of this month, I turned in my assignment for photojournalism. The theme was revitalization, primarily in the downtown area of Johnson City, or neighboring cities.

I unfortunately didn’t get much of a chance to drive around downtown, so I took a different approach. 

Spring is all about revitalization! It’s that chance for the dead to become alive again. I picked the flowers growing in a field because they are so odd in a mostly dead field. If there had been more flowers blooming, I would have taken a few more photos.

This is a serving counter my dad made for his coffee trailer. He repurposed oak pallets and attached it to the trailer. If that isn’t revitalizing, then I was going about this all wrong. It came in handy at the ETSU farmers market as well as a St. Patrick’s Day festival he served at. Yay for pallets!

I had been running out of ideas and then it hit me when I was at church. What symbol is literally the definition of revitalization? The cross! Jesus died to make believers new through his death. Boom! 

I have always taken weekly assignments and did something new with them. I like to think outside of the box.

Next time you get an assignment, think about how you can complete in an unexpecting way! 



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