A Photo a Day

Ever since 2017 started, I have made it my goal to take a photo of the sky for my Instagram, which was in dire need of attention. 

Now it’s not always possible to get a photo every single day especially when you’re someone who tends to stay indoors when there’s nowhere to be. I’ve missed a few days, but I try to get a photo up the next day (sometimes I treat my followers with two photos).

I usually stuck with using my Samsung phone for my images since I don’t carry my Canon with me everywhere. Thankfully, I’m pleased with the images my phone captures. Let me show you a few of my photos so far!

All of these photos I take and post without any kind of filter so everyone can see every post in its mostly true color (cellphones often times dilute color). I also try to make sure to tag the general area I’m at.

This has been an interesting experience to see how the sky differs from day-to-day and even from different states! I hope this summer I’ll get to post images while I’m in Europe on my mission trip! But I’ll be very limited to how often I can post something.

Thank you for reading and check out my Instagram!



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