Missouri Sunsets

This is more of a continuation from my Spring Break post, but I really want to show something that I miss so much from my home state: the sunsets.

The difference between Missouri sunsets and Tennessee sunsets is huge for me. Here, I don’t get as many clouds or even the same colors. They come off rather dull or more pastel than vivid and bold. I’m sure part of this is because the mountains keep storms at bay (usually) and they also keep the clouds too high to see the horizon.

Another part is the humidity. Tennessee has nothing on Missouri when it comes to that – let me tell you! The first summer I was here, I didn’t start sweating until it was close to 90 degrees. In Missouri, I felt like I was swimming around 70 degrees. 100% humidity here is like 75% in Missouri. It’s bad over there. I’m sure West Tennessee knows what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the first night in Missouri, we had this incredible storm then another storm came through during the day only two days later (give or take). My fiance and I were on our way to Olive Garden for some much needed pasta when I had to stop and just take photos. I even pulled off into a Goodwill’s lot to snap some photos that I’ll share here in just a second.

I know that East Tennessee natives will most likely disagree with me because they grew up here and know these sunsets. But I grew up somewhere else and I have yet to see a sunset as colorful and gorgeous as I know them (trust me, I know there are places with incredible sunsets, I just haven’t seen them yet).

God gives every place their own beauty and I think Tennessee’s is the mountains, so the sunsets aren’t the primary beauty of this state.

Enough talk! Let me share just a portion of the sunset I experienced and know oh so well.

When I walked outside, this was to my right.
This was right in front of me.
This was off to my left.
I took another shot because it was too pretty.
Post Storm Sunset
This one is edited for my photojournalism class, but the only thing I really did was up the vibrance of it.
I can’t remember if this was also in front of me after taking so many photos. It might be the same place as the last three, just more right.
This is when I pulled off into Goodwill. What I didn’t get was the pink wisps of clouds on the left.
Another shot with more of the road and traffic.
Stormy Sunset
This one I also edited for class, but I brightened it slightly and barely added vibrance to it. This is the colors as I saw them.

I miss those Missouri sunsets…


P.S. All of these photos were taken on my Canon.


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