So this weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to take photos at my church’s youth event (targeted toward middle and high schoolers), Relate.

It was extremely nerve-wracking since I’ve never ‘covered’ a large event like this, but it was way too much fun.

Friday night was a little weird since I was just getting used to the atmosphere and students were beginning to show up. It was rather chaotic honestly. I couldn’t get my flash to work how I wanted it to (I hate external flashes like nobody’s business) and the amount of traffic I expected for the Instagram photo booth was not at all what I expected (not many people were interested in getting their photos there).

Saturday was a much better day. I knew what to expect and there was so much sunlight coming through all the glass doors. It helped immensely with lighting so my flash was never used (thank you Jesus!).

The most exciting part of the whole evening was chasing after groups as they did a photo scavenger hunt. It was beyond fun! I had to make sure I didn’t follow my fiance’s group too much, so I spent a lot of time with the girls’ groups outside making hilarious poses.

Well, enough chatting about the weekend, let’s see some photos! All of the photos I will share have been edited in Photoshop and I will try my best to put the specs of my camera on each photo when I get the chance amidst all my classwork. Here we go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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