Photoshop: Not Always a Good Idea

Alright, so I’ve shown you some decent photos and some photos that are not so great, but were, for the most part, unedited. Now I feel there is this important thing to talk about, which is bad editing.

Now the featured photo on this post was taken on my dad’s Canon (it was a couple years ago and I’m not sure what kind of Canon it is) and I definitely over-edited in Photoshop.

I was a newbie to the program and when I look at those photos, I feel so embarrassed. Why did I think the blur effect was so cool? It is to a point, but not to abuse a photo. Let me show you what I mean. I abused way too many effects in Photoshop on photos that had potential.


Okay, so this was the ‘halo’ effect, I believe, and it created this unholy photo (ha!). This would actually be a good photo if I hadn’t covered up the natural beauty of it with an artificial beauty. Some people may like this photo, but the glow is far too much for this. The sun was more than enough to glow up the photo. By the way, this was taken at my old house in Missouri when our maple tree and Bradford Pear tree were losing their leaves. It was a gorgeous fall. Let’s move on!

Ugh, a ‘fancy’ phone image. I was a mess in photography. Anyway, what in the world was I thinking making a tiny little area of this photo colorful? What was the purpose? I personally, don’t think it adds anything to this photo. My tip: don’t do this when editing a photo. It looks childish (I swear I was in high school, too) and unprofessional. Now if it is requested by someone, then do it. Otherwise avoid it at all costs.

On a side note, McFly is a great band, although above the noise was not one of their best albums. Take a look at them! Moving on the another photo!


Okay, so this one isn’t nearly as terrible as the others, but the vibrancy of it is way to high. The puzzle is this color, but it’s a much fainter blue. Thankfully the camera saved this image with the close shot and Rule of Thirds (I can explain that in a later post). But my goodness I needed to pull back from the vibrance meter.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I’ll be sure to explain the Rule of Thirds soon and show examples of that. Thanks for reading! Be wary of Photoshop’s powers!



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