Check Out That Landscape!

Landscapes are some of my favorite types of photographs to look at and take. Often, I find myself staring at the horizon of the photo and comparing the sky with the ground. My favorite kinds of landscape photos are the ones where the greenery is so vivid against the dark blues or bright blues of the sky and clouds. Lucky for me, and any of you interested in landscape photography, it’s a relatively easy to take these kinds of photos!

Many of my favorite photos of landscapes, I have taken on my Note 5 phone. That’s how easy it is to take good landscape shots, BUT it also takes an eye to avoid unwanted buildings, people, trees, etc.  Plus, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the focus a cellphone camera has because some phones may not have clear wide angle photos.

Most cellphones have wide angle lenses built in, which is super helpful for landscape shots. You need a camera with a wide angle lens to get every possible amount of information you can record. That’s also why being aware of what is in the line of sight of your camera is important.

But enough tips! Let’s see some photographs!

New Mexico Rocky Mountains

I don’t have information on this photo other than it was on my cellphone and on the way toward Los Alamos, New Mexico.

This photo is an example of making the sky the focus of the shot. The blue sky catches the attention of viewers and then the clouds and the Rocky Mountains begin to show up as the eyes scan lower. There’s a very thin line of the desert ground, but it’s all still visually appealing. If I had a digital SLR while traveling, I would have tried to get a closer shot as well to get more of the mountains. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t take great photos when zoomed in.

Volcanic Valley

This. One of my absolute favorite photos I have from New Mexico. I was traveling to the Jemez (it’s a mountain with hiking trails) and this valley was revealed around a bend. It’s volcanic ground, but covered in a gorgeous green grass. It almost looked like a swamp.

Anyway, the dark green mountains stand out under the clouds and above the light green valley while a little blue sky peeks through. There’s so much color and each feature of the photo stands out. Nothing is missed. It’s exactly the kind of landscape photos I seek out. And all I needed was my cellphone and a little editing to make the colors pop as they did when I saw the valley with my own eyes.

Everyone carries cellphones now, thus making these kinds of shots extremely easy if the phone’s camera is around 16 megapixels. I do think cameras just a few megapixels lower work great (pretty much from the iPhone 5 and earlier – I only recently went to Samsung so I’m not sure when their cameras became high quality).

It’s time for you to go out there with your cellphones (or SLR if you have one) and play around with landscape photos. Try some only with nature. Try some with people or buildings. Find what kind of landscape photos make you happy and experiment! Good luck and let me know what kind of photos you got!


P.S. My feature photo is another shot from New Mexico, but around White Rock. A storm was coming in creating a pleasing contrast between the dark blue clouds and the green/brown ground in the foreground.

Below are some more photos I took while in New Mexico. All but one are landscape photos. The not landscape one is just pretty to look at.

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