Of Intros and Cameras


Photography isn’t a rare form of art. Anyone with a smartphone can snap a photo whenever they want and post it to the many social media sites they have. But what does it take to create those photos seen on canvas or in a magazine like National Geographic? A deep knowledge on cameras, lighting, and editing – just to name a few.

My goal is to share the photos I have taken and will be taking to give insight and even a little inspiration. I also want to relay tips on taking some of the photographs I will share and have put to use in my own photography. But before I can begin to share what I know, I want to show the cameras I have used and will be using.

The first camera I have (and is relatively new) is a Canon EOS Rebel T6. 20170127_073227It’s a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) with a fine-detail CMOS sensor with about 18.0 megapixels. It also records HD video and has wireless functionality. The attached lens is an EFS 18-55mm lens (I’m almost positive it’s also a wide angle lens). The taller lens is a 75-300mm zoom lens, or telephoto lens.

The second camera I use and is the most convenient is the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (no, it’s not the one that blows up). img_0854 It’s a 16 mega pixel camera that can take 4K video. It has an automatic photo option as well as the ‘pro’ option that treats the phone like a proper digital SLR.

I will have a collection of photos from both of these devices and will tell you the settings I use, the lenses I use, and what camera I use.

Thanks for reading and I hope to bring inspiration to photographers of all kinds.


P.S. The feature photo was taken on the Note 5. Located in Carter County, Tennessee and slightly edited in Photoshop (vibrancy was raised and the levels were changed for more contrast). The photo was taken by me, Sydney Rogers.


4 thoughts on “Of Intros and Cameras

  1. Awesome post. As someone who is fascinated by photography, but illiterate in the technical side; this is interesting and informative information. I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

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